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Row of houses

Homeowners urged not to neglect their property during lockdown

  • Reminder to check home insurance policy for valuable emergency cover
  • 26% of buildings insurance policies automatically include home emergency cover
  • 49% offer cover as an additional extra
Energy Saving

Rising cost of living and impact of Brexit top Nation’s biggest money worries

40% of Brits facing a financially ‘very difficult’ year


Lockdown 3 – Eight things drivers need to know

GoCompare Car Insurance summarises key information and help for motorists


Bad weather warning: how to protect homes, cars and pets

With fears of another Beast from the East, GoCompare has tips on how to protect your bubble


6.3 million Brits will be in credit card debt throughout 2021

  • 16% of Brits have started 2021 with a credit card debt and 12% will remain in debt all year.
  • 24% of Brits know they could save money on their card and loan interest, but only 9% switched credit cards last year.
  • GoCompare Money provides tips on managing credit card debt.
Go Compare

GoCompare provides free mental health support to life insurance customers

  • Wellbeing support made standard for those arranging life insurance through GoCompare
  • ONS figures show that adults experiencing depression doubled in 2020
Cash at home

88% of Brits look for savings on essential outgoings and bills in 2021

According to new research1 from GoCompare Money, 88% of Brits are looking to make savings on essential outgoings and bills in 2021, including the grocery bill, TV, mobile and internet contracts and car insurance costs.


New Year’s Resolutions: 23 million resolve to make 2021 healthier and happier

But Brits have just seven weeks to change their ways in the New Year!

  • Lose weight, save the environment and get off social media – Brits plan for 2021.
  • Mental health resolutions top for almost a third
  • Seven weeks – the average length of time New Year’s Resolutions last.
  • A quarter pledge to sort out finances and cut back spending.
  • Less time on social media is now bigger resolution than cutting back on drinking or smoking.
Christmas Spending

Winter Worry Land – the Nation’s biggest concerns revealed

  • Not seeing friends & family and loved ones catching coronavirus top Brits’ concerns this Christmas
  • Over a third of Brits are worried that 25 December 2020 won’t feel like Christmas
  • Health is a key concern – including Covid-19 and mental health issues
  • Financial worries include finding enough work, affording Christmas, and paying winter bills
  • GoCompare Money shares advice for those experiencing financial difficulties
Dog Bandage

Pet-proof your home this Christmas: warning for new dog and cat owners

  • Festive foods, drink and plants can be toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Pet owners are urged to be careful in their choice of Christmas decorations.
  • Antifreeze, frozen water, and frostbite - white Christmas hidden dangers for pets.
  • GoCompare Pet Insurance offers tips on how to pet-proof your Christmas.

Most people working from home are unhappy with their workspace set-up

Space to think: Report finds Interruptions by kids, inadequate tech and having to move around the house to find a place to work have left 15% of home workers feeling stressed

  • 19% say they are now fed-up with working from home
  • 14% are working from the sofa and 6% are working from their bed
  • 1 in 10 have experienced an embarrassing video call due to their home set-up
  • Half of homeworkers have had to spend money improving their working space