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Christmas Spending

Less than one in five people switched broadband providers in the last year

  • Just 16% of people have switched broadband providers in the last 12 months, according to new research
  • Those aged between 18 and 24 are more likely to switch with 23% changing providers
  • And more than a third of Brits have NEVER switched their broadband provider

More than 15million Brits will be spending less this Christmas

  • 31% will be more careful about spending 
  • 15% won’t be able to spend as much as usual
  • Brits will spend an average of just over £600 for festive fun

One in ten Brits won’t be decking the halls at all this Christmas to save on energy costs

New research reveals that soaring household energy prices are having a knock-on effect on plans to decorate UK homes this Christmas:

  • 23% of those questioned will use fewer lights to save on energy
  • 12% will have no lights at all this Christmas
  • 6% will be investing in more sustainable lights this Christmas

Half of Brits say they would not want their family or friends driving on a smart motorway

  • 45% of motorists also admit to not knowing what to do if they broke down on a smart motorway

Less than 1 in 5 drivers have returned to pre-pandemic driving habits, according to new research

  • 7% of people have dropped the number of cars in their household
  • GoCompare quote data also reveals that the proportion of drivers with a higher annual mileage has decreased by 20%.
broken window

Accidental damage claims spike following lockdowns

Quote data reveals an increase in the proportion of policyholders with an accidental damage claim

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1 in 5 UK adults don’t read the policy documents relating to their home and car insurance

  • A similar amount admit to only ‘sometimes’ checking their home or car policy details
  • Of those who don’t check their documents, 17% say they don’t care about the details, just about the price
  • A further 24% say the documents are too long
haunted house

Haunted houses: Does your insurance cover a ghoul-ish guest?

  • What householders can do if things go bump in the night (or the daytime come to that).
  • GoCompare insurance has some tips to ensure your insurance claim isn’t a horror story
Health insurance - woman jogging

People buying health insurance in the UK are getting younger, says GoCompare

The average age of a policy holder is down by 20% in the past year

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The cost of getting on the road has dropped by a fifth for young drivers

The overall cost of getting on the road has dropped from £6,846 in 2019 to £5,703 in 2021

Row of houses

Two thirds of adults admit to letting their home insurance renew automatically

  • More than a quarter do so without finding other quotes
  • The main reason people let their policy roll is loyalty to their current provider
  • 22% claim their insurer has always looked after them and 18% assume value for money based on last year’s quote