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financial worry

Three out of five Brits are anticipating a difficult year financially, according to new research from Go.Compare

  • 25% are seriously concerned about their finances in 2023
  • 15% will start the year with credit card debt
  • 18- to 24-year-olds most optimistic, with 68% expecting a good year financially
dog christmas

Mistle-NO: Go.Compare reveals the Christmas hazards that pet owners don’t know about

Over half of dog owners (54%) don’t know that mistletoe is toxic to their furry friends


The UK’s New Year resolutions revealed for 2023

  • Environmental concerns drop out of the top ten resolutions for 2023, in favour of addressing work life balance concerns
  • Top financial resolutions include, curbing their grocery spend, cutting back on take aways and possibly not going on holiday
  • 48% of the population will be making some sort of resolution in 2023, the highest number of people in the last three years
  • Only one in ten resolutions lasts a whole year
Energy Prices

Heavier curtains, quicker showers and slow cooking: the top ways people are trying to save on their energy costs

New research from Go.Compare reveals the measures people are taking to try and save on their energy bills at home

driving tests

The best test around: top ten BEST and WORST places to pass your driving test revealed

  • All ten of the best places to pass your driving test are in Scotland
  • The hardest places to pass include locations in metropolitan London and Birmingham
  • Nearly 9 in 10 people pass their tests at the best locations – compared to less than 3 in 10 at the worst.
Airport Queue

As Border Force staff announce strike action over Christmas, Go.Compare urges travellers to check their travel insurance

Heathrow baggage handlers, Eurostar security staff and rail workers are all taking action this December

car boot-2

Go.Compare urges Christmas shoppers to check insurance before stashing gifts in the car boot

Just 14% of car insurance products cover personal possessions over £400 and 18% provide less than £150 worth of cover

winter worries

Winter worries: research shows that Brits are planning to spend significantly less this Christmas

  • 33% will be more careful about spending
  • Top financial concern this Christmas is affording heating bills
  • 22% won’t be able to spend as much as usual
  • People to spend £522.20 this Christmas, down from £605.20 in 2021
blowing nose

Driving under the in-FLU-ence: Go.Compare warns poorly motorists to think twice before getting behind the wheel

Drivers should check for side-effects on any medication they are taking

power cuts

Go.Compare energy responds to the National Grid today putting its Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) on standby

National Grid earlier today warned the market that it was poised to activate its Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) tomorrow (29th November) in reaction to outages of France’s Nuclear energy fleet. This was then cancelled this afternoon after it secured more energy to withstand current demand.

The DFS is designed to avoid blackouts in the UK, and it is an initiative that will see certain households financially incentivised to turn off some household appliances between certain hours of the day.