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broken window

Accidental damage claims spike following lockdowns

Quote data reveals an increase in the proportion of policyholders with an accidental damage claim

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1 in 5 UK adults don’t read the policy documents relating to their home and car insurance

  • A similar amount admit to only ‘sometimes’ checking their home or car policy details
  • Of those who don’t check their documents, 17% say they don’t care about the details, just about the price
  • A further 24% say the documents are too long
haunted house

Haunted houses: Does your insurance cover a ghoul-ish guest?

  • What householders can do if things go bump in the night (or the daytime come to that).
  • GoCompare insurance has some tips to ensure your insurance claim isn’t a horror story
Health insurance - woman jogging

People buying health insurance in the UK are getting younger, says GoCompare

The average age of a policy holder is down by 20% in the past year

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The cost of getting on the road has dropped by a fifth for young drivers

The overall cost of getting on the road has dropped from £6,846 in 2019 to £5,703 in 2021

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Two thirds of adults admit to letting their home insurance renew automatically

  • More than a quarter do so without finding other quotes
  • The main reason people let their policy roll is loyalty to their current provider
  • 22% claim their insurer has always looked after them and 18% assume value for money based on last year’s quote

Almost a fifth of UK drivers admit to letting their car insurance policy renew automatically

  • One in 10 of those who renew worry they’ll lose their no claims bonus if they switch
  • 15% say finding a quote is too much hassle, even to save money in the long run
  • A third of those who do shop around found their renewal price had gone up
Energy Prices

Shell Energy joins other utility providers in increasing prices

…and two-year fixed tariffs jump above Ofgem price cap

Row of houses

GoCompare and Pikl help to bridge home insurance gap with cover for AirBnB hosts and short-term lets

Comparison site now asks home insurance customers about “hosting” to ensure homeowners have the right cover in place


British Gas announce price increases

Third large provider to announce a 12.23% increase in energy prices


14% of UK adults do not understand how insurance policy excesses work

A fifth say they don’t understand the difference between voluntary and compulsory excess