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winter driving

Millions of motorists at risk of breaking the law this winter

  • New research reveals 40% of Brits are unaware that driving with snow on the roof can put them at risk of a penalty
  • 44% of drivers do not realise that splashing a pedestrian with rainwater is illegal
  • Go.Compare shares winter driving tips for keeping your car legal in the colder months
holiday snaps

Nearly a third of Brits with social media accounts don’t like seeing friends’ holiday pics, Go.Compare survey finds

Almost one in ten say they find holiday pics annoying and 13% say they are bored of them

Card Payment

Almost half of the UK population will not talk about debts with friends or family

  • 47% of UK adults don’t discuss debts with their loved ones
  • Over a third of adults are thinking about consolidating their debts
  • 16% of Brits say the cost of living crisis has changed their view of debt consolidation loans
Car dealership 2

Back to black: nation’s favourite car colours revealed

  • UK drivers like black cars the best, with almost 1 in 5 cars being black
  • White cars come in second, with silver a close third
  • Cream, pink, and multi-coloured cars are the LEAST popular

Don’t leaf it too late: Is now the time for an autumn house audit?

Go.Compare is recommending that homeowners get their houses in order now, before the winter weather arrives

Row of houses

A quarter of Brits don’t have home contents insurance

…and 12% of those who don’t have a policy, used to have one but cancelled their policy to save money

using laptop

Go.Compare responds to FCA’s “Dear CEO” letter and urges Brits not to cancel insurance at renewal, but to shop around and save

Last week, the UK’s financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a “Dear CEO” letter, expressing concern that people will cancel insurance policies in a bid to save money on their outgoings.


Remember to take a meter reading on the 30th September

Go.Compare is urging householders to take a meter reading on the 30th September 


Young drivers face rising costs of getting on the road

The average cost of buying and insuring a first car is now £6,574 in 2022


Go.Compare reacts to Liz Truss placing a £2,500 price guarantee on energy prices

Gareth Kloet, energy spokesperson for Go.Compare Energy, said:


1 in 5 young drivers could be committing insurance fraud

  • New Go.Compare research reveals that 1 in 5 parents of young drivers have insured their child’s car in their name, also known as fronting
  • Those in London were most likely to have a child’s car insurance policy in their name, with 30% saying they have insured their child’s car in their name
  • The cost of car insurance is top concern for parents of young drivers

GoCompare goes dotty for new name

Comparison site launches new logo and consumers can now switch and save at new website address:  Go.Compare