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Brits go into money-saving mode as 3.6m worry about paying bills

  • A third of Brits have experienced a drop in their income due to the COVID crisis.
  • 3.6 million people are worried about not being able to pay their bills.1
  • Most households (71%) are taking action to reduce their outgoings.
  • On average, money saving tactics saving people £95 a month.

6.7 million drivers caught by £1.9 billion ‘loyalty tax’

New research reveals 40% increase in drivers auto-renewing their insurance


Insurance warning as 4.1m Brits drive to the continent to avoid flying

GoCompare Car Insurance warns drivers to check their car insurance, rescue cover and local driving laws before heading abroad


GoCompare comments on FCA’s proposal to extend temporary measures for those in financial difficulty

Insurance comparison site GoCompare has welcomed a proposal from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to extend the temporary measures introduced on 18 May 2020 to help customers struggling to pay their insurance premiums, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Electric scooters

E-scooter trend: GoCompare warns drivers that use of privately-owned e-scooters could cost them their licence

  • 376% increase in online searches for e-scooters during lockdown as craze takes-off.
  • But drivers face a £300 fine and six penalty points on their licence for a using private e-scooter on public roads, cycle lanes or pavements.
  • Newly qualified drivers could face losing their licence.
  • Legal government trial for rental e-scooters underway to evaluate future regulation.

New driver backlogs: Stand-in driving instructors risk breaking the law trying to help 370,000* lockdown learners

  • Driving lessons and tests can restart this month in England, but a four-month backlog could make booking professional lessons difficult
  • An estimated 370,000 new drivers may have been held back by the lockdown
  • Stand-in instructors must know the law regarding supervising learner drivers
Alloy Wheel

MOT extension warning: Drivers warned to ensure their car is safe to drive as research reveals 9.3m cars need repair

Research reveals 29% of drivers admit knowing their car needs repairing.

Motorists with an MOT expiry date on or after 1 August do not qualify for the six-month extension and must book a test as usual.

  • Known defects include seriously dangerous faults including worn tyres, brake related problems, issues with lights or seatbelts and, windscreen repairs.
  • 17% of motorists are driving a car displaying a service or warning light.
  • Drivers can be prosecuted for driving a vehicle that is unsafe or not in a roadworthy condition.
  • GoCompare Car Insurance reminds drivers that garages are open for car repairs, MOT tests and servicing.

Destination ‘Costa del Casa’: New data shows a huge increase in people looking to buy swimming pools, hot tubs and pizza ovens for their 2020 ‘garden-cations’

  • Google Trends data shows an increase of 1600% for searches for above ground swimming pools since lockdown began
  • Warning that outdoor equipment may not be covered by home contents insurance
Card Payment

GoCompare warns of ‘too good to be true’ Ghost Broker car insurance deals on social media

  • Suspected fraudster arrested for selling fake car cover and offering it to NHS workers at a discount.
  • Motorists could be driving uninsured after buying ‘cheap’ car insurance via social media scams.
  • Unsuspecting victims face serious consequences including disqualification from driving or a criminal record.
  • GoCompare Car Insurance shares tips on legitimate ways to cut the cost of cover.
Alloy Wheel

Used car boom – GoCompare warns drivers to check insurance before test driving a used car as new car shortage looms

  • Shortage of new cars due to Covid lockdown closing factories is expected to lead to a boom in used car sales,
  • Insurance is a must for test drives but most (92%) policies don’t cover policyholders to drive cars other than their own,
  • A car’s group rating has a significant impact on the cost of insurance – so check before you buy,
  • GoCompare Car Insurance shares tips on getting a good deal on car insurance.