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Electric Charging

Mass adoption of electric vehicles won’t arrive in time for the 2030 ban

  • Mass adoption of EVs is unlikely to occur before the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles
  • EVs with a real-world range of 290 miles will not be available at an inexpensive price within the next ten years

Half of UK householders have fallen in love with their homes all over again after months indoors over lockdown

  • Around half say they are happy with their homes and are not looking to move or extend
  • The majority in all age groups questioned said they didn’t feel the need to relocate
  • Around a third of householders aged 18-44 say they are happy where they are, rising to half of those age up to 65
  • The biggest reason for those wanting a change is feeling fed up of being at home

More UK homeowners join Neighbourhood Watch schemes since lockdown

All ages flocked to community groups, but biggest increases were seen in those aged 25-34

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Almost two thirds of pet owners could be endangering their dogs by feeding them BBQ leftovers

  • 62% of pet owners give their dog BBQ scraps
  • RSPCA warns against feeding dogs barbecue food

Bikes and computer equipment are fast becoming the UK’s most popular items to insure

According to GoCompare data, the two are second only to jewellery and watches when it comes to the most popular possessions to be covered by home insurance

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20 reasons why your home might not sell

Biggest property turn-offs revealed: Lack of outdoor space, damp, bad odours and rubbish in neighbour’s garden

Electric Charging

Electric Vehicles – only 14% of motorists are considering an EV as their next car

  • SMMT reports that 17.1% of all new cars on the road in June were electric vehicles
  • New research from GoCompare reveals that, on average, 14% of people would consider a full electric vehicle as their nextcar
  • Men more likely to buy an electric vehicle than women
  • GoCompare shows that insurance premiums are still falling for EVs*
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Demand for motorhome cover surges as Brits prepare for UK’ations

GoCompare data shows a sharp increase in motorhome insurance quotes