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Be broadband barter ready – as price hikes of up to 14.4% are due in April

  • Increases to broadband packages come in on March 31st or April 1st
  • Around seven million households* could be out of contract and free to move tariffs
  • New Go.Compare research finds that broadband and TV packages are the most popular products to haggle
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Is GIPP driving up car insurance fees?

Go.Compare research reveals that the number of car insurance products now charging admin fees has risen in the 12 months since GIPP came into force

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More than 2.1million* drivers have stayed with the same car insurer for more than a decade

  • New research reveals those aged 65+ are more likely to continue with the same car insurer for ten years or more
  • Motorists in the East Midlands are the most loyal region in Britain
Cash at home

A third of Brits are haggling on bills due to cost-of-living crisis, new research reveals

  • Around 33% of UK population are bartering on bills or other financial costs
  • A further 24% say they intend to do so
  • People living in the Northeast of England are more likely to haggle than elsewhere in the UK
  • Broadband and TV are the most popular products to barter on
  • Men and those aged 55 and over are more likely to haggle

New data shows the best day to buy home insurance

If you buy your policy 27 days before your renewal, you could pay around 19% less than if you buy the day before your renewal


No-show snow trip? Don’t drift into the wrong insurance cover

New research from Go.Compare travel insurance shows huge variation in payouts for no snow ski holidays


More look to private health insurance as strikes and uncertainty hits UK’s healthcare system

Go.Compare has seen a 74% increase in people looking at private health insurance quotes in January 2023


1 in 5 Brits with contents home insurance don’t know their excess

21% of people are clueless about how big their insurance bills could be in the event of a claim