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Misfuelling - Go.Compare

Nightmare fuel: 1 in 5 admit to filling up their car with the wrong fuel

And 86% of car insurance policies WON’T cover the costs of misfuelling

Go.Compare car insurance cost - when to buy

New research reveals the cheapest day to buy car insurance - and 98% of people are MISSING IT

Buying car insurance 26 days before your renewal is due can save you money, but only 2% do this

car money

The cost of car insurance in the UK is falling

But the average policy is still £100 more than it was a year ago

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New research reveals top motoring irritations driving Brits around the bend

Potholes, mobile phone use and tailgating are all grinding our gears

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Peugeot-go-go! Peugeot 206 tops the list of 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2024

All averaging less than £300 to insure, the list includes models from Porsche, Mazda and Toyota.

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Blue Light Card holders offered exclusive deal with car insurance this March

Those purchasing a car insurance policy with Go.Compare at any time during the month will benefit from a £40 voucher

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Insurance excesses are still misunderstood, new research shows

 Only 49% of motorists fully understand the meaning of voluntary and compulsory excesses on their car insurance policy

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Number crunch: Almost a quarter of drivers do not understand UK number plates

Over a third of people don’t even look at number plates when purchasing a car and 14% said they didn’t “have a clue” how many times a year UK registration plates are updated


Motor insurance premiums continue to increase, new data shows

London is the most expensive place to insure your vehicle and Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT) is currently the cheapest type of car insurance policy

Car Key- Go.Compare

Over 80% of motorists have seen their insurance premiums increase this year

New research also reveals how motorists are trying to curb rising insurance costs