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Motorists warned to lookout for new lockdown car-related scams

  • New lockdown rules coupled with economic uncertainty, create perfect conditions for fraudulent activity.
  • Motorists urged to guard against fake vehicle sales, insurance broker fraud, DVLA scams and staged car accident fraud.
  • GoCompare shares tips to help people avoid falling victim to fraudsters.
Electric Charging

Buying a Green car? Compare insurers on electric cars or you may be in for a shock!

EV car insurance costs more and premiums vary widely, warns GoCompare

  • September new registrations show new ‘Green’ cars sales up 166% on a year ago.1
  • GoCompare research finds that the average annual premium for a VW e-Golf is 26% higher than the equivalent diesel model, the 1.6 TDI.
  • Insurer appetite and pricing for electric models varies widely – EV drivers must shop around!