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Brits spend £26 billion on pandemic ‘outdoor rooms’

  • 47% of households1 invested in garden improvements during pandemic.
  • Outdoor lighting, garden furniture, canopies, pizza ovens and hot tubs top list.  
  • The average household pandemic spend on gardens is £1,976.
  • GoCompare Home Insurance share tips on garden security.
Row of houses

Gardens top UK Property Must-Have list for first time thanks to COVID

Buyers rank their top 20 essential home features   

  • Other big movers: plenty of electrical sockets and lounge big enough for large TV.
  • Connectivity is king with strong broadband, mobile phone signal and 4G or 5G now deemed home essentials.
  • Annual survey reveals how pandemic has changed homebuyer priorities.
  • Just one in ten potential buyers are interested in period features.
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Staycation warning: Campers urged to check their insurance before pitching-up

  • Majority of campers take valuables on holiday or to a festival.
  • Only 16% of home insurers automatically provide cover for items away from home.