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Peugeot-go-go! Peugeot 206 tops the list of 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2024

All averaging less than £300 to insure, the list includes models from Porsche, Mazda and Toyota.

cat microchip

A quarter of cat owners could be at risk of a fine from June 10th

Experts at Go.Compare pet insurance are warning cat owners in England to make sure that their feline friends are microchipped before new regulation comes into force


38% of Brits are haggling on their bills, new research suggests

  • People in Wales and London are more likely to haggle than the rest of the UK (45%)
  • Broadband is the bill that most people haggle on (59%)
  • Men (42%) are more likely to haggle on their bills than women (34%)
meter readings

Don’t forget to submit your energy meter reading

Go.Compare is reminding bill payers to take a meter reading on the 31st March before the Energy Price Cap drops on April 1st

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Pet owners warned to be eggs-tra careful this Easter

Insurance experts are encouraging Brits to keep an eye on these hazards as Easter approaches

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Blue Light Card holders offered exclusive deal with car insurance this March

Those purchasing a car insurance policy with Go.Compare at any time during the month will benefit from a £40 voucher

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Broader-band: Comparison site warns customers to prep for April price hikes

Increases to broadband packages come in on March 31st or April 1st

Pet Index Go.Compare

The cost of pet insurance in the UK

New pet insurance index from Go.Compare reveals how much pet owners pay for pet insurance across the UK

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Dog Theft Awareness Day: How to protect your pet

On this year’s Dog Theft Awareness Day, Go.Compare Pet Insurance is urging dog owners to check their pet insurance policies to ensure that they are financially protected should someone steal their beloved four-legged friend.

Dog Theft Awareness Day takes place on March 14th and is organised by the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA). The day aims to raise awareness of the number of dogs that are stolen every year, which, according to a pet theft report from ADT*, are the most frequently stolen pets in the UK, with 4,403 theft cases between 2019 and 2023.

Ceri McMillan, Go.Compare’s pet spokesperson has commented: “We know that dogs are humans' best friend, but they can also be expensive, making them one of our most valuable assets. Dog theft is a crime that unfortunately shows no signs of slowing down as certain dog breeds can command a large amount of money which makes them an attractive target for thieves looking to cash in.

“While nothing can alleviate the emotional stress of losing a pet, there are certain things you can do which may help if your pet goes missing or is stolen. Many people know that pet insurance can help protect your dogs from illnesses and accidents, but do you know that it can also offer protection against theft? If your pet is insured and has gone missing, many** (74%) policies provide cover for loss or theft, and you may be able to claim for a contribution towards the costs of advertising and offering a reward for its safe return. Although a much-loved pet can never be replaced, if your pet is not found, your insurance may cover either the purchase price or market value of your pet.”

Go.Compare has reviewed 537 pet insurance policies** and found that 395 (74%) included loss or theft cover as standard. When it came to advertising and reward cover, a further 68% provided some sort of cover for the cost of advertising if your pet goes missing or is stolen. However, the amount of cover provided does vary significantly across the market – for example, just over a fifth of policies (118) provide less than £300 in advertising and another fifth (117) provide reward cover.

For owners who are unable to recover lost or stolen pets, it may be possible to claim for the pet’s original purchase price, but you must provide proof of purchase - especially if you’ve paid above market value for a certain breed. Claims for loss or reward tend to require policyholders to report their pet as missing to the police and pet-related services such as vets and animal shelters. So, it is important to check your policy’s terms, conditions and financial limits.       


Tips for protecting your dog from theft:

Earlier this year, the government backed proposals to make stealing cats and dogs a specific criminal offence in England and Northern Ireland. Under the legislation, anyone convicted of the offence could face a fine or a maximum of five years in prison.

Ceri added: “Dog theft is often an organised crime, where thieves may have seen you out walking your dog, spotted it through your window or noticed it outside in your garden. They may know where to find your pet and seize any opportunity to grab it. So, it’s important to be vigilant and take every step you can to protect your pet.”

The comparison site has compiled the guidance below to help you keep your pet safe:

  • Microchipping: Make sure your dog is microchipped and that it is up to date with your latest information. You should also ensure their collar contains information such as your mobile number and address, just in case they’re found and you need to be contacted.

If you are not sure which database your pet's chip is registered with, visit and type in the microchip number. If you don't know the number, ask your vet to scan the chip for the number.

  • What’s in a name? While your dog’s collar should have your contact details, make sure you don’t include your dog’s name on here as this could make it easier for thieves to lure them in and convince anyone else that they’re the rightful owner.
  • Vary your walks: Try and walk in different locations at different times. Some thieves may aim to track your dog and may be waiting on a popular route. You should always be aware of your surroundings, and be mindful if someone stops you and starts asking questions about your dog. If you can, train your pet to respond to commands and not to go with strangers, which can be a crucial factor in preventing pet theft.
  • Never leave your dog out of sight: Don’t leave your dog tied up outside of shops, or out of your view when in the garden or alone in the car. If your dog spends a lot of time in the garden or any outdoor space, make sure it’s secure and check for any gaps in the boundaries of your garden, you could also consider fitting a bell to the gate so you can hear it opening and closing.

If your dog is stolen, the first thing you should do is call the police on 999 and report it as a case of theft, not a lost animal, and make sure you get a crime reference number.

Then you can report the theft to the microchip database, which means that if anyone tries to re-register your dog, you will be notified. Also, spread the word that your beloved pooch is lost, the more people know and the faster you act, the better your chances of getting your dog back home.

For more information about insuring your pet go to

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Insurance excesses are still misunderstood, new research shows

 Only 49% of motorists fully understand the meaning of voluntary and compulsory excesses on their car insurance policy

Home Index 23- Go.Compare

Home insurance costs increased in 2023, new data shows

  • Policies rose 36% for combined home premiums
  • The average combined policy cost £213 in Q4 of 2023
  • Northern Ireland faced the most expensive premiums