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GoCompare urges Jubilee party hosts to check their insurance policies

  • How to protect your home if you’re throwing a Jubilee party
  • As the UK prepare to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee, GoCompare has some handy tips to protect your home and your own crown jewels
Energy Prices

New research reveals the top ways Brits are trying to keep a lid on soaring household energy prices

From going to bed earlier to taking quicker showers and using a slow cooker instead of an oven – GoCompare reveals the measures people are taking to try and save on their energy bills at home

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Loss of domestic oil covered on  90% of home insurance policies

Rocketing costs of domestic oil make it a valuable commodity for homeowners, but majority of home insurance providers cover loss of domestic oil as standard, says GoCompare


The generation working double: young people most likely to need second jobs due to rising costs of living

  • Over a quarter of 25–34-year-olds (28%) say they’ll need to work two jobs to cover their costs in 2022
  • More than 1 in 5 people aged 18-24 say they need a second job this year
  • 14% of people under 24 say they already have a second job

Why you should take a meter reading on March 31st

GoCompare is urging householders to take a meter reading on March 31st


The pitfalls of personalised number plates – is yours covered?

  • Personal registration plates could cost you dearly if your vehicle is scrapped
  • 94% of car insurance policies DON’T cover the loss of a number plate
  • Personalised plate owners could lose their custom plate if they don’t act quickly and their car is written off
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75% jump in Brits streaming a new deal on their broadband

  • Cost of living crisis may be pushing more people to shop around for better broadband deal
  • Previously, GoCompare research* found that more than a third of Brits have NEVER switched their broadband provider
Dog Vet

GoCompare urges pet owners to check the small print to avoid hefty dental fees during Pet Dental Health Month

  • GoCompare data shows that a quarter of pet policies offer less than £2000 for dental fees
  • 42% provided for accident and illness and 55% of policies cover for accident or injury only

A quarter of motorists give their car a name

New research reveals the top ten names people give their four-wheeled friends


New research shows that insurance excesses are still misunderstood

Only 28% of motorists check their excess levels when taking out a car insurance policy

Row of houses

New research from GoCompare reveals the household chores that UK householders hate the most

  • Revealed: The top ten chores most hated by homeowners
  • 18-to-24 year olds most likely to clean bedsheets, floors and behind radiators daily