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festival tents

More than a quarter of festival-goers will leave valuable gadgets in unattended tents, a Go.Compare survey finds

  • Festival-goers take on average three gadgets with them
  • 44% say they will use festival security lock ups
  • 39% would carry valuable gadgets on their person
  • 27% would leave them in their tent 
  • 22% would hide them in their car
car driving

New data shows the best day to buy car insurance

27 days before your renewal is due could be the best day make car insurance savings


Go.Compare reacts to Ofgem lowering the Price Cap:

GoCompare Energy comments on the Ofgem Price Cap, announced today. The new Ofgem Price Cap has today been lowered to £2,074, and will come into force on the 1st July 2023.

knotweed-gd3da2f8ab 1280

Homeowners in knots over invasive plant

Japanese Knotweed can cost thousands to remove and potentially devalue a property, but only 28% of us can recognise it


Eruption disruption: how many are prepared for sudden issues with their travel plans?

According to new data, one in four don’t book travel insurance until just hours before they fly - which could leave them unprotected.

nhs health

Bill of health: find out how much you’ve cost the NHS with this interactive quiz

Go.Compare’s NHS calculator reveals the surprising costs of prescriptions, A&E trips and medical treatment


One in five Brits to pay for their 2023 holidays with their credit cards

According to new data from Go.Compare, 23% of Brits will be paying for their holidays in 2023 using a credit card


Not AV’ing it: 45% of UK population don’t like the idea of autonomous vehicles

  • 38% aren’t keen on the idea of their family and friends in a driverless car
  • 26% of men like the idea, compared with just 13% of women
car key (1)

Don’t be fobbed off! Are your car keys covered on your insurance policy?

Research shows 1 in 6 drivers have had their car keys lost or stolen

ev charging

New data shows how car insurance policies have evolved to meet EV demand

More than a quarter of standard comprehensive car policies now offer cover for damage to home charging points

LP image

Home insurance quotes with flood damage claims have decreased by 30% despite increasing rainfall

  • Experts say extreme rainfall events are on the rise
  • UK is now 9% wetter than in the 1960s
  • Quotes with flood and storm damage claims have fallen by 30% and 20% since 2017