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Fronting Car insurance

Almost one-quarter of parents of young drivers could be committing insurance fraud

  • Research from Go.Compare reveals that 22% of parents of young drivers have insured their child’s car in their own name, also known as fronting
  • Parents in London and Yorkshire and the Humber were most likely to have a child’s car insurance policy in their name
  • 65% of parents said that the cost of car insurance was one of their biggest concerns
Short Term Car cover

Go.Compare launches first ever short term car insurance comparison service

The new service is powered by long-term partner Comparison Creator 


The perks and perils of personalised plates - is yours protected?

  • 95% of car insurance policies DON’T cover the loss of a number plate
  • Personalised plate owners could lose their custom plate if their car is written off
potholes 2-2

Councils spend millions on pothole damage claims every year*

New data shows that councils in England and Wales have spent £5.6 million since 2020 on pothole claims

aeroplane travel

Too close to the sun: Getting sunburnt is travellers’ most common holiday mistake

  • 40% of travellers admit to getting sunburnt while on holiday abroad 
  • Booking bad accommodation is the second most common mistake made by holidaymakers
  • Around one in ten admit to getting too drunk while on holiday

Have you got a scuba what your travel insurance covers?

New data from Go.Compare reveals the sports and activities your travel insurance might not cover


An estimated 1.9 million British tourists forgot to take out travel insurance

  • 16% of travellers forgot to buy travel insurance [1]
  • Forgetting to get covered may be costing travellers £8.6 million per month [2]
  • Over a quarter of holidaymakers say they can’t afford travel insurance [1]

70% of under-30s don’t have a contents insurance policy

Young people that don’t have contents insurance say it’s too expensive