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Garden 1

Brits spend £26 billion on pandemic ‘outdoor rooms’

  • 47% of households1 invested in garden improvements during pandemic.
  • Outdoor lighting, garden furniture, canopies, pizza ovens and hot tubs top list.  
  • The average household pandemic spend on gardens is £1,976.
  • GoCompare Home Insurance share tips on garden security.
Row of houses

Gardens top UK Property Must-Have list for first time thanks to COVID

Buyers rank their top 20 essential home features   

  • Other big movers: plenty of electrical sockets and lounge big enough for large TV.
  • Connectivity is king with strong broadband, mobile phone signal and 4G or 5G now deemed home essentials.
  • Annual survey reveals how pandemic has changed homebuyer priorities.
  • Just one in ten potential buyers are interested in period features.
camping 2

Staycation warning: Campers urged to check their insurance before pitching-up

  • Majority of campers take valuables on holiday or to a festival.
  • Only 16% of home insurers automatically provide cover for items away from home.
Electric Charging

GoCompare comment on news that one in four plan to buy an EV in next five years

Comparison site warns buyers they MUST shoparound for insurance as premiums can vary more than for conventional cars


2021 staycation road trip – can the nation’s cars take the strain?

Ahead of the half-term getaway - Gocompare Car Insurance shares 10 tips for safe road trips.

  • Two thirds of households are planning a staycation this year, and majority are going by car!
  • Warning that some insurers consider fitting external accessories such as a roof rack, a bike rack or a tow bar as a modification.
  • Drivers are urged to check with their provider to ensure they are covered.

MOT confusion leaves motorists at risk of driving unsafe cars or driving illegally

  • Millions of drivers don’t understand the MOT process.
  • 44% of drivers are unaware that an expired MOT would risk invalidating their car insurance.
  • 26% of motorists think an MOT guarantees their car will be safe to drive for the next 12 months.
  • GoCompare customers buying car insurance cover before 15 June are eligible for an MOT for a tenner voucher, a saving around £442.

GoCompare Travel Insurance welcomes England’s ‘green list’

But research suggest only 13% are happy to travel abroad this year

Alloy Wheel

£1 million refunded to customers through GoCompare car insurance excess cover

  • GoCompare offers customers £250 free excess cover when they purchase car insurance
  • Customer savings have now amounted to one million pounds since it launched in 2019
Airport Queue

Only 13% of Brits happy to travel abroad in 2021

  • Foreign holidays are off the cards for most Brits with only 13% say they are happy to travel abroad.
  • Two thirds of UK adults are planning a staycation this year.
  • Hotels, B&Bs and self-catering accommodation top the list of staycations.
  • 71% holidaying in the UK won’t protect their staycation with travel insurance.

18 million drivers now suffer MOT anxiety

  • Getting their car through its annual MOT test causes 58% of drivers to feel stressed.
  • Cost of potential repairs to pass the MOT test causes the most anxiety.
  • High stress levels partly the result of the Covid MOT test extension last year.
  • 10% of drivers who received a Covid test extension now don’t know when their test is due.
  • GoCompare Car Insurance is offering customers an MOT of a tenner, a saving of around £442.

Drivers warned to act as insurers’ COVID pledges end on 30 April 2021

  • Drivers using their own car for commuting or work purposes need to make sure they have the appropriate level of cover, otherwise they could unwittingly invalidate their car insurance, should they need to make a claim.
  • Revised guidance applies to drivers, including key workers, using their own car to commute to work or to drive to different locations for work.
  • Volunteer drivers are urged to check their car insurance policy documents to make sure they follow any conditions, such as informing their insurer of their activities.

Just 27% of drivers will return to their pre-pandemic driving habits

  • 6% of households say they no longer need a car
  • The end of the commute - biggest positive from pandemic for 17% of people