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Roaming on the road: travellers could be caught out by mobile data charges this summer

Comparison Site Go.Compare warns Brits to check their network’s data roaming policy and avoid unexpected costs


38% of Brits are haggling on their bills, new research suggests

  • People in Wales and London are more likely to haggle than the rest of the UK (45%)
  • Broadband is the bill that most people haggle on (59%)
  • Men (42%) are more likely to haggle on their bills than women (34%)
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Broader-band: Comparison site warns customers to prep for April price hikes

Increases to broadband packages come in on March 31st or April 1st

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New data shows a 25% increase in people going for SIM-only mobile contracts

Comparison Site Go.Compare sees a 25% increase in consumers opting for SIM only deals over longer-term contracts