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GoCompare offers post-Brexit insurance need-to-knows whether a deal is passed or not.

GoCompare offers advice and highlights the four main policy changes affecting those traveling to Europe post Brexit.


No-deal health insurance warning for British tourists

UK-issued EHICs will cease to be valid overnight in the event of a no-deal Brexit
GoCompare Travel Insurance warns people planning to go abroad that regardless of whether a Brexit deal is struck or not – travel insurance is essential.

Phone Driving

Young drivers clueless when it comes to insurance

  • GoCompare Car Insurance warns that young drivers’ lack of understanding could leave them at risk if they need to make a claim;  
  • New free excess protection policy1 will pay-out up to £250 for qualifying* car insurance claims. The offer aims to raise awareness of excesses which are among the least well-understood aspects of insurance.

Research shows FCA changes to renewal letters are failing to make an impact

Loyalty penalty:  Majority of drivers are not seeing messages introduced over two years ago about the importance of shopping around

Cash at home

GoCompare comments on the FCA’s interim report on insurance pricing

“These proposals won’t remove the loyalty penalty.”

Coloured Mews

Revealed: The 20 features that will sell your home

  • Central heating, double glazing, and secure doors and windows top UK home-buyers’ lists of ‘must-have’ home features;
  • Death of the landline! Phone connection replaced by satellite TV in the top 20;
  • Biggest movers in last 5 years: good broadband and mobile phone connections and a room big enough for a large, flat-screen TV;
  • Period features and highly rated schools fail to make the grade.

7 tips to take the sting out of half-term holiday travel insurance

Ahead of the October half-term holidays, GoCompare Travel Insurance shares 7 tips to help families avoid getting stung by their travel insurance.

Locking door

1 in 4 households turning to smart tech to protect their homes from thieves and burglars

79% of UK householders worry about being burgled but 83% also think they should be doing more to improve their home security

Row of houses

DIY home move revolution: 42% of sellers would shun bricks-and-mortar estate agents for next move

  • 3 million potential house-sellers would sign-up with an online agent to cut the cost of moving or sell privately;
  • Nearly half (49%) would also cut costs by undertaking a DIY house removal;
  • GoCompare Home Insurance warns that the DIY approach could invalidate your contents insurance.  

4.1m drivers caught in £500m insurance loyalty trap

  • 13% of motorists allow their insurers to automatically renew their policy without shopping around to check whether they’re getting a good deal;
  • Renewing without checking prices costs drivers a collective £500m a year;
  • 20% of drivers have been with the same insurer for 3 years or more;
  • Motorists who pay for insurance in monthly installments are 55% more likely to allow their cover to renew automatically than those who pay annually.

Bank Holiday DIY warning – tackling jobs you’re not qualified for could invalidate your home insurance

  • Only 43% of homeowners would employ a professional tradesperson to carry out home maintenance work;
  • 29% of DIY-ers would attempt plumbing jobs, 24% would undertake electrical work while 13% would try to fix the boiler or central heating;
  • Standard home insurance, with-out accidental damage cover, is unlikely to cover your property or possessions against a DIY disaster.