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5th anniversary of compulsory microchipping of dogs: Owners urged to check microchip details up-to-date

Reminder comes as both the value of pets and cases of pet theft are on the rise


Stamp Duty Extension: GoCompare warns DIY home removals may not be covered by insurance

  • GoCompare Home insurance urges home movers to get in touch with their contents insurer to make sure their belongings are insured between homes.
  • Most (76%) home insurance policies1 which cover house removals, only do so if the contents have been packed and transported by professional removal contractors.
  • Moving home can be a good time to shop-around for a better deal on home insurance.

Two-thirds of Brits have taken up a new hobby during the last year

13% have turned hobby into a business or started a side-hustle

  • Baking, reading, and home exercising topped the list of boredom busting hobbies.
  • Top side-hustles include online selling, home maintenance, dog walking, bicycle courier, tutoring and online classes.
  • GoCompare warns ‘Stay at Home’ hobbies and side-hustles may affect home insurance.
Car dealership 2

21 numberplate: GoCompare urges potential buyers to check depreciation risk

  • GoCompare Car Insurance outlines factors contributing to depreciation and steps drivers can take to protect themselves.
  • Six key factors that influence depreciation rate including, make, colour and fuel type.   
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance can bridge the difference between a total-loss insurance pay-out and car’s purchase price.

Household hammer: Research reveals the everyday items that didn’t make it through lockdown

Mobile phone, slippers, kettle – top three items repaired, replaced or upgraded in last 12 months

  • 9million1 UK adults had their mobile phone repaired or upgraded in the last year.
  • 21% of adults replaced their slippers – the equivalent of 10.8 million1
  • 7m toasters needed repairing or replacing during the pandemic.
  • GoCompare Home Insurance is urging households to check their home contents to make sure their new acquisitions are covered.

As five of the big energy providers announce sweeping price hikes, GoCompare encourages homeowners to shop around now

  • Average of more than 9% increase across the board from four of the biggest providers, British Gas, EDF, Npower, E.ON and SSE*
  • These five combined provide energy to nearly two thirds** of UK households
  • Some regions will see around an 11.6% increase on their bills
Electric Charging

March registrations: Joining the EV revolution? Drivers warned to compare premiums to get the best insurance deals

Research finds electric cars DON’T have to cost more to insure than conventional cousins

  • Latest figures* from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show ‘green’ cars outselling diesels for the first time in 2020
  • GoCompare research finds that insurer appetite and pricing for electric models varies widely
  • Shopping around means electric versions of cars are not always more expensive to insure
  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market share increased by over 400% year on year from 1.6% in 2019 to 6.6% of overall UK car market in 2020
  • Around 17% of cars sold in 2020 had some level of electric running capability.

Lockdown Loyalty Tax: 60% increase in drivers auto-renewing car insurance

Almost 3 million more motorists auto-renewed policy compared to Feb 2020

  • Drivers auto-renewing could collectively be paying £2.1bn more than they need to.  
  • Warning comes ahead of one of the busiest months for car insurance renewals.
  • New research reveals 24% of motorists allowed their insurer to auto-renew their policy in last 12 months – up from 15%.
  • Drivers who allow their insurance to auto-renew without checking prices could each be out of pocket by up to £277.

Buying a new car in March? Drivers urged to do their homework

  • Buyers of 21-numberplated cars face a non-traditional sales process.
  • Online research essential for buyers with showrooms shuttered and test drives banned.  
  • Check insurance group for clues on safety, security and repair costs.
  • Shop-around to check insurance costs and see if you can get a better deal.

Pet theft on the rise: GoCompare urges owners check insurance as pet price outstrips average cover

According to GoCompare data, the average price of a pup is now £1,900* but less than half of pet insurers offer more than £1,000 should your dog go missing.


Motorists warned of steep rise in policy excesses

As cost of policyholders’ contributions to claims increase by up to 47% - drivers are urged
to consider the total costs of car insurance

  • The average compulsory excess for theft claims has risen by 47% in the last 12 months1
  • Compulsory excesses for accidental damage and fire claims have increase by 26%, on average
  • GoCompare Car Insurance’s free excess protection will pay-out up to £250 for qualifying car insurance claims2.   

Annual personal finance switching report shows fall in shopping around

  • 43% of Brits didn’t switch any of the 10 most popular financial products in the last year.
  • 88% of Brits are looking to make savings on essential outgoings and bills in 2021.
  • GoCompare warns blind loyalty to financial product providers and utility companies collectively costs Brits £billions in overpriced premiums.