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Go.Compare reveals the pet hazards to avoid for a simply paw-some Christmas

Keep your furry friends safe this festive season by knowing the hidden dangers lurking around the home

Christmas may be a time to eat, drink and be merry – but the pet insurance experts at Go.Compare have warned that festive foods, Christmas plants and other household items can be a doggie disaster that could leave your pets seriously ill.

Go.Compare’s Ceri McMillan says it’s important to be aware of potential hidden hazards to ensure pets stay safe this holiday season – and taking the simple steps to know what is and isn’t safe around the house for Santa’s little yelpers could prevent a Christmas catastrophe.

Previous research from Go.Compare found that, while many pet owners do know about the dangers of chocolate and dried fruits, many were unaware of the potential risks of scented candles, mistletoes, holly and even the classic Christmas tree.

Ceri said: “The festive period is the ultimate time to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of those we love, including our beloved furry family friends too. However, while we all love our Christmas traditions, there are many types of food, plants and even decorations that are very dangerous for animals.

“It’s important not to get carried away with sharing the love this Christmas by allowing dogs to have an extra treat. Lots of people know chocolate is toxic to dogs, but so are mince pies and Christmas pudding – so don’t be tempted to share any of these sweet treats, regardless of how adorable those puppy dog eyes are. Christmas pudding and mince pies contain grapes and dried fruits, like currants, sultanas and raisins, which can cause severe kidney failure if eaten.

“And while it might seem OK to share your turkey with your furry companion, avoid meat that’s covered in salt, fat and gravy, as this could cause an upset stomach. Also, avoid sharing any cooked turkey bones, too, as these will be brittle and could cause injury if eaten,” Ceri added.

“You also need to take great care with plants like mistletoe, holly, ivy and poinsettias. While they might look lovely around the house, they can be extremely toxic for animals. Similarly, decorations can cause hazards too. Pets could be very tempted to play with the colourful tinsel on the tree or the pretty ribbons on the gifts, but if swallowed, these could cause intestinal problems.

“Additionally, if you’re lighting any scented candles, check these are pet safe. Candles made with paraffin wax or synthetic oils can let off chemicals that are toxic to dogs – and even some essential oils can be harmful when ingested – so choose your home décor carefully.

“Of course, another essential – whatever the time of year – is making sure you have the right protections in place with a pet insurance policy. So, take a look at the options available and choose a policy to suit you and your pets’ needs.”

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