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Pet owners warned to be eggs-tra careful this Easter

Insurance experts are encouraging Brits to keep an eye on these hazards as Easter approaches

With Easter fast approaching, the experts at Go.Compare pet insurance, are urging Brits to be aware of the hidden dangers that this sweet filled time of year could bring for our pets.

As we begin to hide chocolate around the house, it is worth making sure that not only is it safe from the prying eyes of your loved ones but also of your pets. Chocolate is toxic and can be fatal to dogs, but it’s not the only easter treat that could be harmful:

- Hot cross buns: These most commonly contain dried fruit, like currants, raisins and sultanas. Even the smallest amount can be toxic to pets and cause kidney failure.

- Spring bulbs and flowers: If you are spending Easter weekend out in the garden with your dog then be careful as many spring bulbs and blooms are toxic to dogs including tulips, rhododendrons, daffodils and hyacinths. This is especially important to consider if you have a dog who likes digging.

- Cooked Bones: A roast on Easter Sunday is a highlight for many, but once cooked, bones from the meat can become brittle and could be a choking hazard to your pets.

- Ticks and fleas: Should Easter bring sunshine this year, then the risk of ticks and fleas can increase. Make sure that you regularly check your pets for both ticks and fleas, and check with your vet that your pet has the right regular treatments.

- Easter Egg hunts: If you have little ones at home and you’re doing an Easter Treasure Hunt this year, you might be hiding chocolate around the house or garden. To stop your pet getting their paws on it, make a note of where you hide any and make sure they are all found.

Rhys Jones, pet insurance spokesperson at Go.Compare commented: “It is quite commonly known that chocolate is highly dangerous for dogs but with so much of it around at Easter it can be easy to forget and leave it in plain sight.

“It isn’t just chocolate that can be a hazard though, from cooked bones to hot cross buns, it’s worth being aware of the dangers to stop us from unknowingly harming our four-legged friends in the kitchen. Heading into the garden can also present its dangers-so you should keep bulbs out of your pets' reach and prevent them from eating anything in the garden that could do them some harm.

“If you think that your pet has eaten something that could be dangerous to them, then get in touch with your vet to get an expert opinion. Try to work out exactly what your pet has eaten so that you can give your vet as much information as possible.

“It is always a good idea to know what your pet insurance policy covers in case the worst does happen. Policies can vary in the level of cover they offer, so use a comparison site to compare policies and find an option that works for you and your pets needs.” 

For more information on pet insurance visit: https://www.gocompare.com/pet-insurance/ 

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