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Phone Driving

58% of young drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel

New research reveals that a third of all motorists are breaking the law with smartphone use

Card Payment

GoCompare comments on FCA’s proposals to improve transparency by forcing insurers to publish data on product value

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a consultation aimed at improving transparency and providing General Insurance customers with more data on product value.    


Time for a change: Do you make up the 32% of  non-switchers?

‘The benefits of switching are lost as households slip back onto expensive default tariffs’  

Energy Saving

Brexit uncertainty is making people switchy

GoCompare’s annual Switching Report1 reveals a big increase in customers switching with 64% changing providers for at least one of the 10 most common financial products

Snow Driving

Drivers should be on red alert when it comes to invalidating their car insurance in the snow

GoCompare warns drivers they could be invalidating car insurance over the coming days


The 7 energy “MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS” stopping households getting a good deal

weflip debunks common energy myths preventing some households from switching provider


Five fibs which could invalidate your car insurance

  • False statements and non-disclosure on insurance applications or renewals can lead to a policy being refused, cancelled or made void;
  • To avoid non-disclosure, motorists warned to keep their insurer up-to-date with any changes in their personal circumstances or any modifications to their car;
  • Drivers who have had an application refused or cancelled will find it difficult and more costly to get cover in the future.

‘Plugs wars’: the power struggle is real for five million households

  • Average household now has 12 portable electronic devices which require charging;
  • Nearly a fifth of households have fallen out over recharging electrical items;
  • Power struggles see 11% of households squabbling when one person unplugs another’s device to charge their own;  
  • 6% have ended up in an actual fight over who gets to power-up their device.  
Airport Queue

Brexit Travel Insurance Warning: Protect your holiday NOW

• Majority of summer holidays booked in Jan/Feb will have no cancellation protection;
• Study of half a million policies reveals 58% are taken out within week of departure;
• Potential Brexit travel chaos and redundancy worries should ‘focus the mind’.


£143m* worth of unwanted gifts to be returned this Christmas

  • Only 69% of returns are successful;
  • More than 4 million people returned an unwanted Christmas gift last year;
  • The average value of unwanted gifts last year was £35.10;
  • 7% say they had a problem returning a gift that was purchased online.