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New data shows the best day to buy car insurance

27 days before your renewal is due could be the best day make car insurance savings

New data from Go.Compare Car Insurance has revealed that the best day to renew insurance on your car is 27 days before your renewal is due.*

The data shows that policyholders could pay up to 50% more if they renew their policy on the day it’s due for renewal, compared to 27 days before.

The findings are based on the average premium paid by policyholders in 2022, and also found that the most expensive time to buy your new policy is the day the renewal is due. On average, the longer you leave it to renew your car insurance policy, the more you are going to pay. 

Ryan Fulthorpe, car insurance spokesperson for Go.Compare, said of the data: “Being aware of the factors that impact the price of your car insurance is so important, especially at times when we are looking to save money where we can. While other changes may take more time, or come with a cost, simply buying the policy on a different day is a great way to save some money.

“There are a whole range of factors involved which may vary the price insurers offer you for your car insurance, from the type of vehicle you drive, to your occupation. Some of these factors are not changes that you can easily make, but simply buying your policy 27 days before it is due to renew is an effective one.”  

Go.Compare has compiled 18 tips on how to get cheaper car insurance, some of these include: 


  • Shop Around for the right quote: It may seem simple, but shopping around at renewal is one of the best ways to save on your insurance premiums. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you can compare over a hundred quotes by using a comparison site.



  • Consider what vehicle is right for you: Different vehicles are treated differently by different insurers. In general, cars with a smaller engine are likely to be in a low insurance group, so think about the sort of car you are driving. As a bonus, road tax on vehicles with a smaller engine should also be cheaper. 



  • Look at administration charges: Car insurance providers sometimes charge you for changing your details on your policy. Whether you are changing your car, job or your address some providers may let you make these changes for free, but others could charge you. This is something to consider if you anticipate any such changes in the long run. 



  • Consider a telematics policy:  Also known as a black box insurance policy, Telematics car insurance takes into account data on your actual driving when working out your premiums. Whether you install a black box in your car or use a mobile phone app, it could make your insurance cheaper, for drivers of any age, as long as you are a careful driver. 



  • Pay Annually: If you can, try to pay for your insurance annually as you could make further savings. Monthly contracts may provide the ability to break down the insurance into more manageable chunks but these come with added interest and possibly a deposit, so paying annually if you can is a cheaper option.


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