No-show snow trip? Don’t drift into the wrong insurance cover

New research from Go.Compare travel insurance shows huge variation in payouts for no snow ski holidays

Following a lack of snowfall and subsequent closure of many ski resorts across Europe this month, Go.Compare Travel is reminding skiers hoping to slope off this half term to check their insurance policies and make sure they are covered for piste closures.

The experts at Go.Compare have reviewed the travel insurance market* and found that, while the majority of policies do provide some financial cover for piste closure, the amount that is paid out varies significantly. It found that, out of 1059 single trip travel insurance policies:

  • 112 provide no winter sports benefits
  • 89 provide no daily benefit for piste closure
  • 283 provide cover for less than £25 per day
  • 349 provide between £25-34 cover per day
  • 226 provide over £35 a day

And out of 1053 annual travel policies in the market:

  • 102 provide no winter sports benefits
  • 74 provide no daily benefit for piste closure
  • 276 provide cover for less than £25 per day
  • 361 provide between £25-34 cover per day
  • 240 provide over £35 a day

Ceri McMillan, spokesperson for Go.Compare travel, said: “Our research showed that the amount covered for piste closures varies significantly across the market, so if you are planning a ski trip this year, it’s worth checking that you will be able to claim back your costs if the snow doesn’t fall. It won’t take away the disappointment of a lack of skiing but it does mean that you won’t be out of pocket afterwards.

“It’s worth considering a winter sports insurance policy if you are going on a ski trip which will cover a number of risks that a normal travel insurance policy wouldn’t necessarily include as standard. As well as things such as piste closures, a winter sports policy, or ski insurance, will provide protection if you have an accident on the slopes and need medical treatment. It can also provide cover for lost lift passes, avalanche delays and lost or stolen equipment.”

Go.Compare’s market research also revealed that, of 1059 single trip policies, just 4% include winter sports specific cover as standard (5% will cover a WS trip as standard) and of 1053 annual trip policies, 11% provide specific cover as standard. Ceri continued: “The risks associated with winter sports are different to those you would encounter on a beach holiday, so it’s important that you don’t assume that a standard travel insurance policy will cover you. We encourage everyone to review their policy, no matter what type of holiday, but if you are thinking of taking part in winter sports, it’s even more important to know what you are and aren’t covered for.”

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*Defato Matrix, as at February 1st.

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