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Hot diggity dog: how to keep your pets cool in the heatwave

With temperatures set to soar, the experts are offering tips on how to keep your pets safe

Soaring temperatures in the UK this week mean BBQs and beach days are on the agenda for Brits, but Go.Compare’s pet experts are warning the nation to make sure we are taking extra care of our four-legged friends in the heat.

With temperatures predicted to rise as high as 31C in places, pet owners will need to take extra care. Dogs' thick coats and inability to sweat through their skin can make it harder for them to regulate their temperature, putting them at risk of overheating. Dogs will pant and sweat through their paw-pads to try and cool themselves down so be mindful of these signs as the temperature soars, as it might mean that your pet is starting to overheat. While cats are usually quite good at keeping cool, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your feline friends as well.

Rhys Jones, pet expert at Go.Compare, commented: “With UK weather so unpredictable, many might be taken by surprise by the warmer weather. It’s important to remember though that as we break out the sunglasses and BBQs, our pets might be struggling with the heat.

“There are lots of things you can do to help your pets stay cool and prevent them from overheating. Make sure they are drinking lots of water and that it’s constantly topped up and of course never leave your dog alone in a car, even for a moment - it can be life-threatening even with a window left open. Here are a few more things you can do to help protect your pet:

  • Small chunks of ice: this is a great way to make sure your dog isn’t getting dehydrated and will cool them down. Make sure though to only give your dog small chunks of ice, as anything too large could cause breakages to their teeth.
  • Get them groomed: if you have a particularly hairy pooch, booking them in for a groom, especially in this warmer weather can keep them cooler. Try regularly brushing any excess and dead hair too.
  • Lay down a damp towel: many pets will have a favourite corner or spot to rest in, so try placing a damp towel on the ground or an ice pack wrapped in a towel to help them keep cool.
  • Time their walks: avoiding walking your dog at the hottest parts of the day will help prevent them from burning their paws. Opt instead for early morning or evening walks and test the ground by placing your hand on it for 5 seconds- if you can’t then it’s too hot for their paws.
  • Watch for signs of heatstroke: keep an eye on your dog for signs of heatstroke too. These can include excessive drooling, agitation, noisy breathing, red gums, increased heart rate and vomiting.

“If you notice any signs of heatstroke, you should consult a vet immediately. It’s also important to make sure you have the right pet insurance in place should the worst happen at any time of year. Policies require that pet owners take a certain level of care of their pets and if they feel you haven’t they could refuse to pay out for any treatments your pet requires. Always keep an eye on your pets in the hot weather and if you think something might be wrong talk to a vet.” 

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