GoCompare goes dotty for new name

Comparison site launches new logo and consumers can now switch and save at new website address:  Go.Compare

GoCompare has today announced a new brand name and logo – Go.Compare. This means that anyone now looking to use the comparison service will be able search on any device using “Go.Compare”, and they will be taken directly to the website.

The new logo will go live on TV and the website from September 2nd and will also be launched via the company’s sponsorship of the forthcoming series of “The Voice UK” from September 3rd.

As part of the sponsorship, Go.Compare’s operatic tenor Gio Compario and the actor who plays him, Wynne Evans, are both in the judging chairs, auditioning to find a new voice to help them sing the new brand jingle and play the ‘dot’ in the new website URL. The series will follow Gio and Wynne on their journey to find the best “dot.”

Paul Rogers, Director of Brand and Campaigns at Go.Compare, said: “Go.Compare has always had a lot of fun with its branding, personified by the larger than life character of Gio. With the new addition of the “dot” in the brand name, we’ve been able to have even more fun with it, and evolve the story of Gio even further.

“Behind this, the decision to bring the “dot” into the mix now means that our website is easier to find – regardless of browser or device, all you need to know now is Go.Compare and you’re there. It’s basically taking out the middleman and making it easier for people to find us directly, which is in-keeping with the brand’s legacy, which has always been about cutting out the middleman and making it easier for people to take control of their finances.”

Paul added: “Now, more than ever, services such as Go.Compare are a powerful proposition for bill payers. There are still people who don’t switch their outgoings and still possibly pay more than they have to for things such as insurance, mobile phone bills and broadband. In a time when we’re all looking to cut costs, it can really help shave a bit extra from the monthly bills.”

The latest campaign sponsoring “The Voice UK” builds on the brand’s interactive campaign for ITV’s Family Fortunes last year and follows a string of “firsts” for the company’s branding. In 2021, Go.Compare launched a nationwide search on social media platform, TikTok, for a Valentine’s singing partner to star alongside Gio in a Go.Compare TV advert, as well as the company’s recent campaign with Global Radio “Operation Saving the Nation”.

Paul continued: “Gio has been around since 2009 and has starred in over 125 ads. While it’s no secret that he’s annoying to some, you can’t deny his longevity and fame. He’s evolved with the business and we continue to tell his story, which grows alongside the Go.Compare comparison business. I love that he is continuing to evolve as our brand mascot, as we continue to develop the brand itself with the new Go.Compare logo and website.”

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Notes to Editors:

* The media has been planned and bought by Go.Compare’s media buying agency, Hearts & Science.


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