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Claims to blame: most common home insurance claims revealed

Accidental loss or damage, escape of water and storm damage are the top three most-claimed-for problems at home

Home insurance is an important protection - but what is it most likely to protect you against? Go.Compare’s home insurance experts have taken a look at the latest claims data to reveal the most common reasons people claim on their home policies.*

The data reveals that accidental loss or damage at home is the most common reason people claim, with more than 21,500 claims lodged in 2022 - which accounts for just over a quarter (28 per cent) of all home insurance claims made. Reasons to make a claim like this could include drilling through pipes, carpet spills and other mishaps.

Escape of water is the second most common cause for a home insurance claim, also making up more than a quarter of the claims lodged in 2022 (26 per cent). A term that insurers use, escape of water is where a leak in your home causes damage. This could be due to a burst pipe, a faulty appliance or even a dripping tap.

Storm damage also features surprisingly high on the list, with more than 1 in 10 (13 per cent) of home insurance claims being due to storms.

Claim type

Percentage of overall claims

Accidental loss/damage at home


Escape of water




Theft from home (incl. outbuildings)


Accidental loss/damage away from home


Ceri McMillan, home insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “Your home insurance policy can help protect you from a range of mishaps and unfortunate events - and while we can see a wide range of claims were lodged in 2022, some issues are definitely more common than others.

“The number one issue homeowners claim on their insurance for is accidental loss or damage - those ‘oops’ moments like spilling wine on the carpet, drilling through a water pipe or accidentally melting the countertop with a hot pan. Other common reasons to claim include escape of water, storm damage, and experiencing theft.”

“Less common reasons homeowners lodged a claim for included falling trees - for which there were 377 claims - lightning, with 111 claims, and arson with only seven claims.”

“While not all of these issues are preventable, there are steps you can take to make your home more secure and limit your chances of having to claim. We recommend you:

  • Protect against weather damage: check regularly for loose tiles, broken guttering and other external issues, and fix any damage quickly.
  • Check and insulate external taps and pipes: make sure pipes and taps are in good condition, and when cooler weather returns, add insulation to prevent them freezing and bursting.
  • Take care of trees: clear away any broken branches, and maintain trees close to your home as they can cause damage if they fall.
  • Bump up your home security: deter thieves by using sturdy, approved locks on doors and windows, installing a burglar alarm, and keeping belongings securely locked away indoors or in outbuildings.

And if in doubt about any work or repairs, seek the advice of a qualified specialist.”

Ceri added, “It’s also really important to check the details of your home insurance policy and what exactly it covers you for, as this can vary quite a lot between insurers and between specific policies. We always recommend homeowners take the time to compare home policies using an online comparison tool, so they can find the right cover - and possibly save some money, too.”

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Notes to editors

*Go.Compare looked at all of the areas of the UK where claims were made and what the claim was for, then pulled out the top 20 areas where those claims were most frequently made.
Data is based on home quotes completed in 2022.
Data relates to last quote per customer in year.
% of Quote relates to the % of quotes (last per customer per year) in each area where the customer declared 1 or more claim of the specified type when completing their home quote. Where fewer than 5 claims of the specified type were declared for the area, the area has been excluded from the output.

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