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Baking in the heat - or breaking down? Heatwave could cause car-lamity for drivers

As hot weather approaches, experts reveal how to avoid car issues caused by the heat

With soaring temperatures predicted and potential highs of 31C in parts of the UK this week, many are looking forward to sun-soaked days and scenic drives. However, experts warn that the extreme heat could cause issues for our cars - and there are measures we should be taking to decrease the risk of breakdowns.

Though a change in the weather feels long overdue, it may be worth giving your car a little extra love before rushing off to enjoy the summer sun, say the car experts at Go.Compare car insurance. From tyres to engines, there are a number of issues that can arise - or be exacerbated - by hot weather.

Tom Banks, car insurance spokesperson at Go.Compare, explains: “Keeping up with regular maintenance, checks and servicing of your vehicle is so important - and we recommend taking extra care when a heatwave is approaching.

“Hot weather can cause a number of issues with our cars, but many are avoidable. To make sure both you and your car are summer ready, we recommend:

  • Check your oil levels - top up as needed and check your oil regularly, as this will prevent your engine from overheating.
  • Check coolant levels too - this is particularly important if you’re about to set off on a long journey.
  • Park in shady spots - and use sunshades over windows, as this will help keep the temperature of your car down.
  • Check your air conditioning - the last thing you want on a scorching hot day is broken AC, so keep up with regular checks and services.
  • Consider turning the AC off at slower speeds - your car has to work harder to create cool air when you’re travelling below 50mph. Turning it off when you’re driving 20-30mph could help save on fuel consumption, as well as giving your car a break.
  • Keep tyres tip-top - high temperatures can make existing wear and tear on tyres worse, so make sure you check them regularly. If your tyre tread edges are close to the 1.6mm legal minimum or are damaged, get them replaced at a reputable garage.
  • Check your battery - hot weather puts pressure on your car’s battery, particularly if your air conditioning is on full and you’re using your car’s Sat Nav. So, if it has been a while since your last service, it might be worth giving your car the once-over before any long drives.
  • Pack plenty of drinks – if you are considering a long drive in the warmer weather, you may want to stock up on plenty of fluids, just in case the worst should happen.

“If you plan on making the most of the summer sunshine with road trips and other adventures, we recommend doing a few extra checks before you set off, as this could help you avoid waiting for a roadside recovery or a trip to the garage - which is the last thing we want to be doing when the weather is nice.”

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